The Historic City of George Town is suited on the north-eastern cape of Penang Island. From the heart of the colonial quarter with the city’s first administrative buildings, the original states laid out by the colonial administrators branch out into the city - a city spectacularly filled with godowns and the trading posts of the earliest merchant settlers.

It is imperative that we monitor all activities and changes to key heritage elements within the historic city of George Town. We manage and regulate the World Heritage Site in accordance with the conditions agreed on with UNESCO; and monitor, prepare and submit operational and activity reports to the federal and State Authorities.

It’s a team effort! GTWHI works with many partners, from layman to councilman. We regularly work with the Department of National Heritage, the local Municipal Council and agencies, as well as the local community, and hope to establish a strong network with other World Heritage Sites around the world.

We strongly believe in the preservation of our historical knowledge. Without documented history, George Town will remain flat with fewer and fewer people peering in to experienced the rich history behind its walls. GTWHI therefore encourages research and conducts skills training for individuals who are interested in heritage issues.

Reaching out to the public is one of our top priority. With all the challenges and issues surrounding the fate of George Town, we cannot do it alone!


In response to a recent press coverage on the above-mentioned issue, I wish to clarify the followings:


George Town World Heritage Incorporated has been actively safeguarding and promoting the invaluable heritage of George Town World Heritage Site. We propelled the principle of community empowerment to cultivate shared sense of cultural heritage. This is important to enhance the community’s responsibility and capability to safeguard our heritage together.


The Heritage Explorations, LaCala Heritage Discovery Walk, and the Traditional Trades Discovery walk, are steered with the help of our volunteer guides from the community. These trails and walks aimed to educate the public on the Outstanding Universal Values of George Town, and are not for commercial purposes.


Being a local themselves, the volunteers are able to enrich the experience of those who participated in the trails with stories, anecdotes and narratives which reflect our vibrant and multicultural community – coupled with substantiated knowledge on our heritage which is imparted through a series of training. It is also with this that we hope to provide a platform for locals to participate together in our holistic effort to safeguard and promote George Town World Heritage Site for the future.


The news report as recently published with regards to this matter is not the most flattering for us and the community. We would however, urge for a more justifiable and objective writing in this manner so as to avoid any unnecessary harassment to our volunteers.


With that said, we are very grateful to these group of volunteers for their selfless devotion of time and energy - despite the absence of compensation as these activities are not made to be profit-driven and are often underwritten by the agency – to share and promote the treasures that are our heritage and culture. We thank them for stepping forward and forgoing their weekends, all in the hope of presenting the sights and sounds of George Town to our fellow locals and visitors. We applaud them for standing tall amidst all the indictments and unfavorable receptions thrown at them – and we would like to ask them to continue standing.


In the coming future, George Town World Heritage Incorporated will be reorganizing more activities to create a better and more sustainable platform which will continue to involve community empowerment in safeguarding and promoting the George Town World Heritage Site.


We ask for your kind support in this matter and if there is any query, please do not hesitate to contact us through our Facebook page.


Dr. Ang Ming Chee
General Manager, George Town World Heritage Incorporated
17 October 2016




乔治市世遗机构总经理洪敏芝博士声明稿 - 针对本机构古迹教育导览活动之公开声明




一, 本机构所办理之古迹教育导览,并非旅游商品
目前本机构所进行的古迹导览,分别有专为学生设计的Heritage Explorations,以及一般大众皆可参与的LaCaLa古迹发现之旅 (LaCaLa Heritage Discovery Walk) 和传统行业发现之旅 (Traditional Trades Discovery Walk)。上述所有导览,是服务社会和教育大众的活动,并非利用古迹营利的商业行为。本地持牌导游的商业古迹旅游配套,收费可达三百令吉甚至更高。对该报导无视金额差异以及执行目的,将本机构的教育导览标签为“旅游配套”,并在标题中使用“逃税”、“非法”,等字眼试图误导读者,本人感到非常遗憾。本机构肩负推广乔治市古迹文化的责任,同时致力与社区培力(Community Empowerment)。古迹教育导览活动的设计,是希望透过在地志工的参与,培养在地社区对文化遗产和杰出普世价值(Outstanding Universal Values)的共荣意识以及守护能力。


二, 志工的参与是教育推广活动永续的关键
上述的教育导览行程,全程由本机构志工团“乔治市古迹之友” Friends of George Town Heritage (FOGTH) 直接参与其概念设计与执行。志工们以在地人的身份,将他们身边的古迹建筑、传统行业、在地社区故事,设计成导览路线内容,带领活动参与者进一步认识乔治市老城丰富的人文面貌。志工们和我们一同站在前线,为守护乔治市古迹与文化遗产做出的努力,应该受到尊重与肯定。在此本人谨代表本机构,感谢这些志工长期以来的付出。


三, 守护文化遗产是全民共同的责任 


有关本机构的最新动态,大家可以时刻留意本机构官方脸书专页George Town World Heritage Incorporated。