Category A

Grand Prize Winner

Director                       : Ridzawan Abdullah


About the director      : This is my first time entry to film competition. The emergence of HDSLR as a cheap alternative to an expensive film camera excites me. Now the beauty of filmmaking is available to the mass public including myself. Competition like this is the best way for people like me to push myself to a different level in filmmaking.


Short Film                    : Irama Terakhir


Synopsis                       : There are many Songkok Makers in Malaysia but he is the only one left in Penang . He is still using the same old sewing machine that produce a rhythm that he heard since he was 12 years old . The rhythm has become part of his life . It just likes a music to his soul. A rhythm that drive him to continue while the others are giving up . He is the Last Songkok Maker in Penang . Will the rhythm of his machine continue ?


 1st Runner Up

Director                       : Hong Yan Yee


About the director      : Graduated from Shih Hsin University of Taiwan, Yan Yee majored with a Degree in TV Broadcasting. He had a few years under his belt in shooting TV commercials. He is an active player in the independent filmmaking scene, as his passion lies in telling stories that he felt worth sharing.


Short Film                    : Perhaps, you’re still unaware


Synopsis                       : Magnificent views. Charismatic locals. Breath taking island. Journey through this charming little island as a Penagite offers his insight on the hidden marvels of Penang that are hiding in plain sight: the people of Penang…


2nd Runner Up

Director                       : Lau Ming Yau


About the director      : 31 year-old, born in Taiping, Perak. My education background is Civil Engineering from Politechnic Shah Alam. I started my hobby in film making in year 2003 with my friend to participate in short film competition organized by Astro, and we won 1st prize in the competition, it encouraged me to be more active in film making. Currently we won BMW shorties 2013 Judges Honorable Mention Award for the video title “Hidup Bersama”.


Short Film                    : My Island’s Best Kept Secret


Synopsis                       : People always tell me that, Penang best kept secret is the people living on the island. I never believe so, not until I get to meet up with an Indian lady who is a fruit seller, Mr Razak the electrician, Momo who works in a Bagel Shop and the wonder kid who love to wander himself the garden.



Category B

Grand Prize Winner

Director                       : Kelvin Tan Kian


About the director      : My name is Kelvin Tan Kian, 21 years old, from Kuching, Sarawak. I am currently studying my 1st year in University Sains Malaysia (USM) for degree in Communication. I am in love in making short video especially with music base. As a amatuer film maker I had been joining various of different type of shortfilm competition in Malaysia. My dream is to be a creative director just like my idol Yasmin Ahmad, a truly inspiration for me as a Malaysian.


Short Film                    : Love Lane


Synopsis                       : A story about people in the olden days that lived in Love Lane who had affairs and kept their mistresses there. There are twists in the plot filled with happiness, sadness and conflicts happening throughout the story. The short film comes with a brief documentary of Love Lane.


1st Runner Up

Director                       : Peh Shu Min


About the director      : 21 years old Han Chiang College Student who study diploma in Mass Communication, major in broadcasting. In the college, she has involved in directing and writing script for some short films and documentaries, for example “What’s My Colour”, “Pizza” and “The Ink Master”. She has started off with the performing arts since high school and get awards in several competitions. Over the years, she was actively involved in various dramas related activities, such as being of stage manager of “The Man Tied To A Toilet Bowl” and “The Typist”, Actress of “A Widow, A Spinster and Actress of “A Widow, A Spinster and A Tomboy” and “My Home”, Scriptwriter of “Who’s the killer?”. Besides teaching drama in pre-school, she is now also a freelancer in Performing Arts Centre of Penang. Moreover, Shu Min has been always a lover of Penang heritage. From 2011 to 2013, she involved in Penang Chinese New Year Cultural & Heritage Celebration as a street performer. She also participated in a story telling performance in 2013 Georgetown Heritage Celebration.


Short Film                    : My Mother Tongue


Synopsis                       : “十五暝,火金星。请人客,来吃茶。 ” What’s that? Joel doesn’t have any idea too so he decided to find his long lost grandma whom he never met. What will be the secret of his mother tongue?


2nd Runner Up

Director                       : Annie Lim Ean Nee


About the director      :


Short Film                    : The Last Show


Synopsis                       : Currently, there is only one heritage theatre left in Penang, which is Odeon Cinema, but it will be closed in July 2014. Thus this video is dedicated specially to the Odeon cinema and its family, it will also be a memory to Penangites.



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