Restoration of Protestant Cemetery

The Francis Light Protestant Cemetery is a site of great significance in the historic city of George Town as the final resting place for the man who settled the island in 1786, as well as of other prominent figures of colonial-era George Town. The cemetery was actively used between 1789 and 1892 and is home to approximately 500 graves. Over the years the cemetery has unfortunately fallen victim to neglect and the encroachment of nature.

Two interventions have taken place, once in 1993 and again in 2007, both conducted by the Penang Heritage Trust (PHT). GTWHI has appointed PHT to undertake a third cleaning of the tombs, and, together with PHT, is also working with the Penang State Government and the Municipal Council (MPPP) to undertake restoration works and improve the general upkeep of the cemetery.

protestant cemetery 1
Protestant Cemetery, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah


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