GTWHI has two interpretative Centres to showcase the varied elements of our historic city’s Outstanding Universal Values (OUVs).

The first interpretative Centre is located in our office building at No.116 & 118, Lebuh Acheh. In here, we have exhibits relating to the six architectural styles of George Town’s heritage shophouses, as well as the 3-D model of a typical shophouse. A satellite-view map of the heritage site, as well as an interactive multi-media display system is also made available for visitors to learn more about George Town World Heritage Site (GTWHS). A variety of maps and brochures produced by GTWHI, as well as from other state and private organisations, are also provided complimentary to visitors.

A section of the Interpretative Centre is dedicated to memento items. Visitors certainly find it a great place to select one-of-a-kind souvenirs of George Town. The items are specially designed for GTWHI, and most are only available here. The product range includes books, postcards, pens, paper weights, coasters, bags, fridge magnets, and many others.

It is also in this Interpretative Centre where most of the public talks organised by GTWHI are conducted.

Another Interpretative Centre is located just opposite our office building, at the 1st floor of the Armenian Street Heritage Hotel. This Interpretative Centre was launched on 25 June 2014. In here, we exhibit the largest 3D-model of George Town World Heritage Site. With a ratio of 1:400, this exhibit provides the visitor the capacity to appreciate the complexity and scale of all 5439 buildings in the 259 hectares of the GTWHS.


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