George Town Heritage Celebrations 2017


The 9th Anniversary Celebration for George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site will be held at 7th – 9th of July 2017. This year, with the theme “Walk the Talk: Oral Traditions and Expressions”, the celebration gathers 13 different communities to share their traditions and stories with us.

Walk the Talk: Oral Traditions and Expressions

Whether learnt on our mother’s knee or through the variety of festive and cultural celebrations we grew up with, it’s our oral traditions such as proverbs, epics, charms, prayers, dramatic performances and folk tales that tell us who we are.

In Walk the Talk, explore the unique stories of historical communities in the heart of George Town: discover how they survived through the years, how they safeguarded their heritage and how they continue to live out the oral traditions their ancestors brought with them hundreds of years ago.

You’ll get the chance to meet the communities, attend storytelling sessions, watch cultural performances and learn to write in ancient scripts as well as learn the stories behind historical street names in George Town.

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