Outlook of our building

"Managing, monitoring and promoting the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site"

George Town World Heritage Incorporated (GTWHI) was established by the Penang State Government in April 2010 to spearhead efforts to ensure that George Town's legacy will not be lost.

GTWHI is an organisation dedicated to protecting, promoting and preserving George Town as a sustainable city. GTWHI works in cooperation with the federal, state, and local government as well as several non-governmental organisations to manage, monitor, promote, and execute heritage-related activities. We identify the problem areas, build a strategy, and call on experts and stakeholders in our vast network to work with us towards the solution.

To ensure the importance of the World Heritage Site is understood by as possible, we work with many partners and collaborators, from conservation specialists and state and cite authorities for better planning, conserving and management of the physical site; to historians and arts practitioners on a programme of educational and cultural activities.

We provide advice to property owners, architects and builders; conduct skills development workshops; provide resources on George Town and heritage through our library and digital archive; and we engage with school children, students of institutes of higher learning, and the public through our programme of talks and activities.

George Town is a living legend, but it will disintegrate before our very eyes should we fail to nurture it. Therefore, research, impact studies, site usage, public awareness, branding, promotion, public transport, tourism, and security must be given equal attention.



Our Vision

The convergence of an intelligent and sustainable heritage city that belongs to Penang, Malaysia and all humanity.


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