This table lists the attributes of Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) in the core and buffer zones of the George Town World Heritage site. Heritage professionals in GTWHI workshops identified these attributes in 2013. These attributes of OUVs may also apply to Melaka. These attributes must be safeguarded in accordance with the World Heritage Convention.

The attributes are explained and described here with information on the current issues faced by each attribute and their sensitivity to change specifically on the impact to significance and the World Heritage site of George Town. The issues highlighted here are obtained from George Town which provide further evidence of how the OUVs could be impacted by change that is occurring daily and will become more acute as pressures from rapid redevelopment and tourism grow.

In addition to the illustrations on the negative impact or issues, this document also provides examples of best practices that would help to protect the OUVs of our World Heritage Site of George Town and Melaka.

To view the list of OUV’s attributes, please click HERE.


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