Sample Heritage Management Plan

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Sample Heritage Management Plan

Workshop sample as a guide to drafting a proper Heritage Management Plan.


Introduction to Heritage Building Materials

There are 4 main traditional materials used to build heritage buildings in George Town: Timber, Stone, Clay, Lime. These booklets will help guide you in their application and usage. 

Heritage Shophouse Brochure

The Heritage Shophouse leaflet illustrates the various historical styles, features and heritage values of traditional shophouses in Penang.

shophouse pic01
shophouse pic02

Penang Shophouses Blogspot

Penang Shophouses Blogspot

From design styles and typology 
to care and conservation, the Penang Shophouses blogspot by the Cultural Heritage Action Team is the most comprehensive guide currently availalable on traditional shophouses in George Town.


23 Love Lane

23 Love Lane, Moon Gate, before and after © Gwynn Jenkins

23 Love Lane Blog
Understand the process of preservation: A well-documented conservation project with visuals and explanations of the process of restoring a heritage building in George Town.